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banshee in flight
banshee rookery on Pandora
direhorse feeding on nectar
floating islands in the mist on Pandora
floating mountains/islands on Pandora
floating mountains/islands on Pandora
floating rocks and vines that form the Hallelujah Mountains
large hammerhead creature on Pandora
helicopter flying over Pandora landscape
Jake Sully's Banshee roaring
banshee creature at the rookery
leonopteryx creature in the sky
leonopteryx attacking Jake Sully and Banshees
great leonopteryx creature flying in the sky
the leonopteryx giant flying creature at sunset
Neytiri's Banshee creature
control room in Pandora compound
view of the rainforest on Pandora
six legged creature in Pandora forest
giant hometree on Pandora
giant mining machine in strip mine on Pandora
Pandora at night over a lagoon
open plains on Pandora at night
a monkey/lemur like creature hanging from a tree branch
sunset on Pandora
view of the Pandora from space
spaceship orbiting over the planet Pandora
the thanator creature on the hunt
Navi people gathered around the Tree of Souls
viperwolf mother with pups