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Welcome to the web's no-nonsense site for free desktop wallpaper and background images. Here there will never be pop-ups, spam or viruses. There's no need to register and no need to install any special software. Here there is simply wallpaper, and everything is free. All wallpaper images and photos are compatible with either PC or Mac computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

Below are a few random samples. Use the search function to the right or browse by category below.

Carlos the chick is shown armed with his jelly bean shooter from the animated movie Hop wallpaper picture
Main cast of owls from Legend of the Guardians
abstract psychedelic pattern
Rango at the bar from the movie Rango wallpaper
butterfly on a flower
kludd the owl from legend of the guardians the owls of ga hoole wallpaper
a monkey/lemur like creature hanging from a tree branch
It's a Small World attraction at Disneyland decorated for Christmas wallpaper
three baby t-rex dinos playing
cast of Harry Potter in Hogsmeade
Ramone the Chevy Impala from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars
Gnomeo and Featherstone the pink flamingo from Disney's Gnomeo and Juliet movie wallpaper
Alice from Alice in Wonderland
praire dog
the town of Dirt from the movie Rango Wallpaper
Ray the lightning bug, along with Naveen and Tiana as frogs from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog wallpaper
Pascal the chameleon from the Disney movie Tangled
Prince Naveen as a frog from Disney's Princess and the Frog movie wallpaper
butterfly perched on a leaf
a Viking character
field/meadow of wildflowers
child from the CG animated movie Rango wallpaper
Rocket Raccoon from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy wallpaper
the prospector toy doll from toy story
Rafael the toucan talks to Blu the macaw while Jewel looks on in a scene from the movie Rio
The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
Prince Naveen as a frog talks to Tiana from Disney's Princess and the Frog movie wallpaper
Will and Bill the krill in Happy Feet Two Movie wallpaper
lightning arcing across the sky wallpaper
Mr Peabody and Sherman movie wallpaper
Prince Naveen dances on the streets of New Orleans from Disney's Princess and the Frog movie wallpaper
small green winged dragon
wallpaper picture of jedi ahsoka holding a light saber
Marcel the goose from the movie Alpha and Omega
plush toy peas in a zippered pod from toy story 3
blue glowing futuristic light cycle speeds across the frame
abstract psychedelic pattern
manny the wooly mammoth in the ice age
Minion and Megamind from the Dreamworks CG animated movie Megamind wallpaper

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