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The Troodon dinosaur on display in life-sized animatronic form at the 2010 California State Fair. Troodon was a small bird-like dinosaur, only about 6 feet long, but he had a very large brain compared to his body size. Some scientists think that the was the smartest of all the dinosaurs. It's eyes were large suggesting nocturnal activity they faced slightly forward facing, giving it some depth perception. Troodon had very long, slender limbs suggesting that it was a fast runner. Troodon is Greek for "wounding tooth", and refers to the dinosaur's sharp teeth with serrated edges. Although originally thought to be a predator, there is some evidence that Troodon may either have been an omnivore or an herbivore. The teeth are short but broad, and have large serrations like those of herbivorous dinosaurs; their sides show signs of wear. The jaws meet in a broad, U-shaped symphysis similar to that of an iguana. Its diet may have consisted of smaller animals, including mammals and perhaps a significant amount of plant material. Its long arms that folded back like a birds', and its hands possessed partially opposable thumbs. It had large, sickle-shaped claws on its second toes which were raised off the ground when running. This claw is common in the superfamily Maniraptora, to which Troodon belongs. Although no feathers have been found, Troodon was descended from Sinornithoides who did have them. Paleontologists believe that Troodon inherited the feature and was covered with them. Troodon was a small dinosaur, around 2.4 metres (7.9 ft) in length, 1 metre (3.3 ft) tall, that weighed about 27 to 45 kilograms (60 to 99 lb). It had very long, slender hind limbs, suggesting that the animal was able to run quickly. It had large, retractable sickle-shaped claws on its second toes, which were raised off the ground when running. Its eyes were large (perhaps suggesting a partially nocturnal lifestyle), and slightly forward facing, giving Troodon some degree of depth perception. Their light skulls contained a capsule similar to those found in ostrich dinosaurs. Troodon had one of the largest known brains of any dinosaur, relative to its body mass (comparable to modern birds).

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The Days of the Dinosaurs is a traveling exhibit with life-like animatronic dinosaurs on display. These life-sized highly realistic dinosaurs are presented in an appealing environment with theatrical lighting, sound effects including ambient "primeval world noises" and roars and grunts from the dinos, simulated terrain and informational signs. The dinosaur figures are accurate according to the current understanding of how the dinosaurs probably looked. The Days of the Dinosaurs is great exhibit if you like seeing life-sized dinos in motion and is fun for the whole family. This photo was taken at the 2010 California State Fair and Exposition in Sacramento, California. The Days of the Dinosaurs is a traveling exhibition with tour dates for 2009 and 2010 as follows:

Belem, Brazil - Boulevard Shopping Belem - April 30 to June 13
Paris, France - Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - May 15 to July 31
Munich, Germany - Deutsher Theater - June 29 to August 22
West Fargo, ND, USA - Red River Valley Fair - July 9 to July 17
Sacramento, CA, USA - California State Fair - July 14 to August 1
Great Falls, MT, USA - Montana State Fair - July 30 to August 7
Regina, SK, Canada - Queen City Exhibition - August 4 to August 8
West Allis, WI, USA - Wisconsin State Fair - August 5 to August 15
Boise, ID, USA - Western Idaho Fair - August 20 to August 29
Salem, OR, USA - Oregon State Fair - August 8 to September 6
Monroe, WA, USA - Evergreen State Fair - August 26 to September 6
Gyor, Hungary - EtoPark - March 27 to June 6
Busharest, Romania - Romexpo - February 6 to April 24
Fortaleza, Brazil - Shopping Iguatemi - March 4 to April 4
Budapest, Hungary - HungExpo - July 13 to August 2
Arequipa, Peru - September 5 to October 11
Rinderhallen, Vienna, Austria - September 8 to November 2
Trujillo, Peru - Centro Comercial Mall Avenue Plaza - November 14 to December 20
Wels, Austria - Messe Wels, December 5 to January 28

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