Prolemuris Creature Hanging from a Tree from Avatar Wallpaper


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The Prolemuris is a chattering, non-aggressive tree dweller that prefers the relative safety of the canopy to the dangers of the rainforest floor. Prolemuris are similar to monkeys or apes on Earth. From the James Cameron movie Avatar.

The prolemuris has lateral membranes that grow out of its sides and between its lower arm and thigh. When it leaps from tree to tree, the wind catches in the flaps and slows the animal’s rate of fall. This allows the animal to fall for more than twelve meters without risk or injury. This image is copyright 20th Century Fox.

a monkey/lemur like creature hanging from a tree branch

Prolemuris Creature Hanging from a Tree from Avatar wallpaper - Click picture for high resolution HD wallpaper

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