Lightning McQueen the Race Car from Disney’s Cars 2 HD Wallpaper


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This is wallpaper of Lightning McQueen the race car from the Disney/Pixar CG animated movie Cars and Cars 2. Lightning McQueen, the hotshot rookie race car, was poised to become the youngest car ever to win the Piston Cup Championship. At the time, he had just two things on his mind: winning and the perks that come with it... but that was about to change. When Lightning got lost in Radiator Springs, he met a group of new friends that challenged him to reconsider the car he wanted to be.

Leaving town for the 200-lap tie-breaker race in Los Angeles, Lightning had the surprise of his life when his newfound friends arrived just in time to be his pit crew, headed by Doc Hudson. The rookie didn't win the race that day, but he won something far more important, the racing world's heart.

Although Lightning kept racing, he left the fast life behind. He made his headquarters in Radiator Springs and helped put the friendly little town back on the map.

Quotable Quote: "Ka-Chow! Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer."

After taking moviegoers magically into the realm of toys, bugs, monsters, fish, and superheroes, the masterful storytellers and technical wizards at Pixar Animation Studios ("The Incredibles," "Finding Nemo," "Monsters, Inc.") and Academy Award®-winning director John Lasseter ("Toy Story," "Toy Story 2," "A Bug's Life"), hit the road with a fast-paced comedy adventure set inside the world of cars. A Pixar Animation Studios film presented by Walt Disney Pictures, "CARS" is a high octane delight for moviegoers of all ages, fueled with plenty of humor, action, heartfelt drama, and amazing new technical feats. Adding to the fun is a driving score and new songs by Oscar®-winner Randy Newman, along with original musical performances by such top talents as Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and John Mayer. The film coincides with the celebration of Pixar's 20th anniversary, and the company's recent acquisition by Disney. This Disney/Pixar Cars 2 movie desktop background wallpaper image photo picture iPhone wallpaper and iPad compatible wallpaper is copyright Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar.

Lightning McQueen the race car from Disney's Cars 2 CG animated movie wallpaper

Lightning McQueen the Race Car from Disney’s Cars 2 HD wallpaper - Click picture for high resolution HD wallpaper

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