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Hometrees (Na’vi name: Kelutral) are massive trees that can be found throughout Pandora. Many Na’vi clans, such as the Omaticaya and the Tipani make their home in these enormous plants. From the James Cameron movie Avatar.

Hometrees are generally described as being more than a hundred meters tall, with a hollow base supported by mangrove-like roots. Within this base there are many columns, creating a large central area. In this central area is a natural spiral staircase, which the Na’vi use to move up and down the tree.

The Omaticaya Hometree is located above a rich deposit of unobtanium, possibly one of the richest on the planet, putting the Na’vi in conflict with the RDA’s interests due to the value of said mineral. In Avatar, the Hometree of the Omaticaya clan was obliterated by the RDA’s security forces using high explosive missiles, after driving the Na’vi out with tear gas, forcing the remaining Na’vi to relocate.

The Hometree was presumed to be over a thousand years old due to its rarity and size. It is believed that hundreds of generations of Na’vi have lived there (and are buried in its roots). Colonel Quaritch referred to it as “one big damned tree” before destroying it during the Destruction of the Hometree. This image is copyright 20th Century Fox.

giant hometree on Pandora

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